About Us

Sightsee TV is the travel show uncovering the stories behind towns all over Australia, looking at their history, and showcasing all their beauty.

We take the road less traveled, visiting breathtaking natural locations and undiscovered tourist attractions. Our aim is to inspire you to get out and discover this great country of ours.

The aim of the show is not to visit commercial tourist attractions, but instead showcase towns that many people didn’t know about. We do this by discovering their history, and exploring the natural wonders in the area.

Ultimately, we would like to inspire people to get out there and discover the world, and share their stories with others.

Sightsee TV really will inspire you!

Our Presenters

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Production Team

  • Executive Producer - Lachlan Itter
  • Regional Camera & Sound - Taylor Greshner
  • Metro Camera & Sound - Keegan Dart
  • Edit - Lachlan Itter

Video Production

Sightsee TV is produced by our partner business, Double i Multimedia, who create video productions, graphic designs, web sites, voiceovers and more.

Each film shoot consists of a presenter and an experienced camera/sound operator. Editing is completed using an Adobe software package.

We primarily shoot on a Sony HXR-MC1500P video camera, but also use HD action cams for underwater and ‘crane’ footage.  To ensure the best possible sound quality, wireless radio mics are worn by each presenter, and we use professional Sony shotgun microphones in some circumstances.


The full name of Sightsee TV is Lachlan Ian Itter T/As Sightsee TV, operating under ABN number 39 540 414 277.

The Sightsee TV name and associated logos are registered trademarks of Lachlan Ian Itter T/As Sightsee TV.