NSW Road Trip - Day 2

Lochie hits the road for a road trip through New South Wales. Day two is all about exploring 0ur nation's capital city...

The dark clouds loomed ominously overhead, but that wasn't going to enough to stop the Sightsee TV crew from exploring our nation's capital City, Canberra.


When you think of Canberra you can't help but think of Parliament House, but as you know, we're all about looking at some of the lesser known tourist attractions. Lake Burley Griffin is the centerpiece of the city, but with more than 50 years in the making, it's an amazing destination with a complicated and intriguing history (I won't give any details away though - you'll have to watch the show for that!).

There's an island in the lake, Aspen Island, which is home to one of two Carillons in the country. This one was a gift from Britain to Australia to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canberra, and has 53 brass bells that play the Westminster Chimes every 15 minutes.

After lunch, the next stop was off to the Australian National Botanic Gardens, perched on the site of Black Mountain which towers over Burley Griffin.

I'm not the kind of person that thinks about gardening, so I'm amazed when I see well laid out gardens. There would have been so much care and planning to make it such a natural feeling place. As you walk around the different sections, you really feel as though you're travelling around the country, particularly in the Red Centre Garden, which mimics the inland parts of the country.

Another great day (and thankfully the rain held off), and really looking forward to heading to Kosciusko National Park tomorrow - but first daylight savings and an extra hour's sleep!

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