5 Clever Things to Pack...

By Lachlan Itter
We all know the essential items to pack when travelling (clothes, deodorant, sunscreen, passports...) but we've got a few items we're sure you haven't thought of, but will make your travels so much easier...

1. Plastic Bags

Let's be honest, we've all got plenty of these lying around the house. I never go anywhere without a few, because there really is no better way to separate your clean and dirty clothes. It's also a great way to keep wet towels from making the rest of your bag smell!

2. Sanitizer


When you're out and about, hand sanitizer is a great way to feel nice and clean. It's also a good idea to carry wipes when you're on a plane so you can feel remotely clean (just make sure it doesn't have chemicals if you're using it on your face!).

3. Lip Balm


While we're on the topic of aeroplanes, you can't go past lip balm on a long flight. Because of the low humidity of air within the plane, your lips can become cracked and irritated, and without lip balm you're in a whole world of pain and discomfort...

4. Mints or Lollies


If you suffer from motion sickness or get blocked ears during flights, then a simple solution is to suck on a mint or hard lolly. By doing so, you'll produce saliva which helps to neutralise your stomach acids and get rid of nausea.