Australia's Ghost Towns

As times change, small towns can sometimes freeze in time - their populations diminishing as the jobs and money move to other areas. Australia's Ghost Towns have fascinating history though, and are certainly worth a visit...

Aberfeldy, Victoria

Aberfeldy was settled in 1871 following the discovery of gold, and proclaimed a township in 1885. During the peak of the gold rush it was home to 500 people, but following WWI and several fires the population deminished. Only one family lives in the area presently, along with some tourists who are exploring the nearby Baw Baw National Park.   Kiandra, New South Wales

Image by Sightsee TV
Image by Sightsee TV

Kiandra is the second highest township in Australia, sitting 1400 metres above sea level in the Kosciuszko National Park. The town appeared during a gold rush in the 1850s and 1860s, with 8,000 people heading to the area. The gold was so scarce that it because the shortest gold rush in Australian history and only 350 people remained. Today the only building that remains is the old courthouse.

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Betoota, Queensland

Betoota is the smallest town in Australia, with a population of 0 - in fact the only human life is the occasional tourists who drive through. They were only ever 3 streets in the town, and the Betoota Hotel is the only remaining building today. To give you an idea of how isolated this place is, it's a 3 hour drive from Birdsville and blocks of land sold for just $500 back in 2012. It's actually the smallest town by population and building count on the entire planet!

Cook, South Australia

Created in 1917, Cook was a railway station and crossing loop on the Trans-Australian railway, but after the railway was privatised, it was decided that the station was no longer required. It's home to 4 people today, with the only visitors coming from the Indian Pacific train when it stops here.

Linda, Tasmania

13 minutes out of Queenstown you'll find the former town of Linda. It was created to house people working in the North Mount Lyell Mine, but its residents moved to Gormanston as the mining in the area was reduced.

Goldsworthy, Western Australia

Western Australia has hundreds of ghosts towns which were abandoned after mining operations, Goldsworthy is just one of them. What makes this town interesting is that when the town was abandoned in 1992, all buildings were removed, non-native plants were burnt and the roads were demolished, meaning that there is very little signs of the towns former existence today. All that remains in a radio repeater site and the now flooded mine pit.

Arltunga, Northern Territory

Image from Gawler History
Image from Gawler History

Arltunga was yet another mining town, but it always had a very small population thanks to a lack of water and difficulties getting equipment and supplies to the site. It was officially the first town in central Australia, but even then was 600 kilometres from the Oodnadatta railhead.